Keep the Customer Satisfied

The Customer (Service Rep) is Always Right

The push – pull between customers and customer service representatives goes back to the dawn of time. The classic Saturday Night Live skit exhibits the crux of the problem, most readily apparent on anybody’s hotline at 3 a.m. in the morning… what’s being said by one person isn’t necessarily what’s being heard by the next! I’ve found this to be most true when calling my beloved cable companies; and yes, I’ve tried them all. (I’m way out of the closet about my addiction to reality TV, Game Show Network and IFC.)

Comcast’s foray into the twit-olution may be too little too late for current and former customers, like myself. Disgruntled, disgusted and disillusioned, pretty much sums it up. But I applaud the effort to take the customer by the hand and let them click their way back into the light if they’re savvy enough to know the virtual help desk is out there. Unfortunately, I missed this boat and have succumbed to far too many excessive holds to ever return. If they really want to assist their core customer– those who after a 12 hour day just want to cozy up to cable– the branding should be more aggressive. Why not purposefully divert the phone traffic? They could put a scrolling message on the blank screen when service crashes, inviting customers to meet them on line for a quick fix. Additionally, lots of us who can’t be bothered with postal mail do electronic billing, so an embedded link in the email would make it all too easy.

If nothing else, a few incentives might also make more customers want to meet them online with a cooler head rather than holding 10-15 minutes to cuss someone out live.