A Hard Day’s Night

I watched the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy on a whim. I’d dabbled with the first season of E.R., but not since fighting to stay awake in my youth for snippets of St. Elsewhere had a hospital based drama kept me so riveted.  I was so enamored that I went to ABC’s website to see if they’d dangle a few hints of the upcoming episode when I stumbled upon it… an online community for viewers to chat (well, type) along as the show unfolds.

I was simultaneously relieved to find others as bewitched as me, and a bit daunted at signing up to join them. While I’d certainly become aware of blogging by then, I remained a bit skeptical of the whole process. Written words don’t convey the commenter’s tone as well as the spoken word and it just seemed a little weird to talk to strangers about the faux lives of characters.  Keep in mind — 2005’s skepticism has morphed into 2012’s slight disdain, but that’s another topic.  I think it’s safe for me to blame the folks above for turning me on to joining the forum almost as quickly as abc.go.com turned me off of it!

Gaining entrance into those password-protected gates proved quite the feat.  This is because somewhere down the line I’d signed up for another ABC affiliated site and while they couldn’t identify which one, my email address was linked to it.  So the site urged me to dredge my memory for that golden password since it was all connected.  What? Who has time for this when ‘Grey’s’ is coming on??? Certainly not I, so in a flash of brilliance, I toss out another email, strictly for online chat purposes and yes, I promptly forgot the new password on a weekly basis.  I’d even get online 45 minutes to an hour in advance so I could tussle with the virtual gatekeeper, but soon became weary.

I missed the catfights and defending McSteamy’s appeal over McDreamy’s, but I had to wean myself off the site and after a few questionable plot twists, the show, itself.  At this juncture, they’ve gotten much better with transparency so that you know it’s all in the family.  But also, the option to save a username and/or password on sites have facilitated traipsing in and out with much more ease.  That darned technology thing is really starting to grow on me.


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